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First 96MB Forum Competition - Best Tutorial/Review

Offline 96mb Posted 04-07-2013, 08:34 AM -
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First 96Forum Competition – Best Tutorial/Review

Without further to do, let’s get into the details:

Purpose: Encourage more people to share their ideas and to make the forum more resourceful.

Competition Period: Now (April 6, 2013) to 11:59 EST, April 30, 2013.

How to enter: If you would like to enter the competition, please submit a tutorial/review in the respective section of the forum (only original please! Tutorials copied from Linode library/other online sources will immediately disqualify you).

How the competition process works: Any member in 96Forum could vote up (please don’t vote down) on a tutorial/review submitted during competition period based if he/she believes the tutorial/review is useful by add one (+1) to the reputations on that post. At the end of the competition period, tutorial/review which gets the highest reputations will be the winner.

Prize: A Low End Spirit VPS (http://www.lowendspirit.com) offered by AnthonySmith from InceptionHosting (http://www.inceptionhosting.com) free for life.

Other rules:
1.Each member is allowed to add reputation to each post only once, however members could add reputations to multiple posts if they deem all those posts are useful.
2.If there is a tie, Anthony and the fellow mods in the forum will decide together the ultimate winner.
3.Our decisions are final, and the winner agreed to allow us to send share your email address to Inception Hosting. Winner will then become a regular client of Inception Hosting and has to abide to all the rules of Inception Hosting in order to maintain the free VPS.
4.96Forum reserves the rights to this competition and the rights to amend any of the terms and conditions above.
5. Unfortunately prize sponsor InceptionHosting and all 96Forum stuff (mods) will not be allowed to enter this competition.

Any questions? Feel free to post below and ask.

Enjoy! The competition starts…NOW!
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