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PhoenixNAP webinar: Cloud Services; the good, the bad and the beautiful

Offline zhuanyi Posted 06-01-2013, 04:33 AM -
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Basically it is a sales event for PhoenixNAP but could be useful for people who are interested in providing cloud-based hosting as well:


“Cloud Services; the good, the bad and the beautiful” will look at forward-thinking cloud solutions from Phoenix NAP and what tools organizations need for evaluating providers and distinguishing between cloud offerings.

Hosted by Phoenix NAP, this informative webinar will address the myths surrounding Cloud Services and how mid-market organizations can maximize virtualization as part of their overall IT strategy. With Phoenix NAP Cloud Services you can quickly deploy applications and manage tasks to ultimately increase your company's productivity through top-tier automation, scalability, vCloud technology and highly competitive pricing options.

During this one-hour interactive web seminar, you will:

Come away with better insight and understanding of how cloud services from Phoenix NAP can positively affect your IT environment

Learn the five questions every business should ask of their cloud service provider
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