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Backup emails via POP to text files

Offline zhuanyi Posted 05-06-2013, 10:30 PM -
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Does anyone know if there is any software scripts that would back up all your emails (both sent and received folders) via POP protocol to your local PC folder/Dropbox/somewhere I can find it, and preferably to have the emails backed up into text files?

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Offline jarland Posted 05-07-2013, 01:43 AM -
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I don't guess imap is an option is it? Because I recently used this: https://raymii.org/s/software/Nopriv.py.html

Took a while as the e-mail address is pretty old, but I love it. I use Mutt to view it in the terminal and now I never have to get angry at iCloud again for doing a poor job of letting you view old e-mails from the web interface.
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Offline zhuanyi Posted 05-07-2013, 01:54 AM -
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@jarland: unfortunately not, else it would have made my life so much easier. I am actually on behalf of a friend of mine and his uncle was using the Yahoo! China email which is due to be closed in August. I think Yahoo! only accept POP but not IMAP....
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