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BurstVPS | Europe IPs | 99% Uptime - BurstVPS - 08-06-2014


Im Dennis from BurstVPS i would just like to let everyone know about my newly founded hosting company.

BurstVPS is run by Linux / PHP pro's and also hosting specialists. Customer service is most important to us. We will be pleased to answer any and all questions. Our goal is to provide the best possible hardware and service for your money whether it is our Basic package or our Max plan we offer you the same quality of service. We do get offers from time to time of great special servers and when we do we will pass these on to you. We want to make your hosting experience as easy as possible.

BurstVPS have been around 4 months and are constantly growing!. We at BurstVPS offer quality hardware with reasonable limits on the number of users per server, at a fair price that everyone can afford, and most of all with the best service possible. We are offering exceptional technical support and quality customer service this is why we created BurstVPS.

[Image: Untitled.png]

To visit our website please [URL="http://burstvps.eu"]Click Here[/URL]

Get our basic package for just £3 a month recurring with this promo code for a limited time !